Google Down, Netizen Complain Can’t Access Services

Google Down

It was reported that Google’s services down. Many Internet users or Netizens complain about can not access services such as Google Meet and Drive. We also try to verify it in the downdetector park. And quite safe, Google was informed to face an accident. Not only in Indonesia, but it also feels like Google Down … Read more

Google Recommendations for SEO in 2021

SEO Optimization

The final expression is recognized from every lower SEO advertiser, or individuals who gave an example of such a “outmaneuver position” mentality, they do not know about cool reality, it is difficult: that today, in some cases paying to work with Google. For a long time, the SEO group tried to find a definitive website … Read more

5 High-Nutrient Vegetables and Fruits for Babies

5 High-Nutrient Vegetables and Fruits for Babies

Nutritional needs for babies must be considered properly so that the baby’s growth can be maximized. There are many types of high nutrient vegetables and fruits for babies. You can give them to your baby in turn so that their nutritional needs are filled. Quoting from, they do not provide food for babies under … Read more

Real Madrid manager Zidane Respects the media

Real Madrid manager Zidane

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane has demanded “respect” from journalists and said it was still in the La Liga title competition. A third champion appeared to sit third, 10 points behind Atletico Madrid leaders but after playing more. And a bad recent run has caused media supervision of the position of the French manager at … Read more

UK Covid Tests Check Mixing Different Vaccines

Covid Vaccines

In the UK, tests have been released to see if they deliver different COVID Vaccines to function first and second doses and the current approach is to use the same type of vaccine twice. The idea is to provide more flexibility with vaccine rollouts and help deal with potential inventory disruptions. Scientists say Jab blending … Read more